Fresina's Pasta is still made the old fashioned way in our Baton Rouge pasta factory....

Like an incessant mechanical Rapunzel letting down her golden hair, yellow strands of spaghetti flow continuously from a vintage bronze die.  Cut by hand with an even sweep of a sharp blade, as though directing a symphony, the long strands are carefully looped over wooden rods and straightened by gently running fingers across them like chords on a harp.  Guided slowly across a set of rhythmic blades with the mechanical regularity of a metronome, the pasta is then trimmed to precision before its last encore and final curtain call to the wooden dry room cellars.  This is the music we were taught by our ancestors and the way we continue to play it to this day.

Naturally dried. No microwaves.

Wooden wind cellars emulate the hillside, drying techniques of old world Italia – delicate pasta requiring half the cooking time of commercially produced pasta.

No preservatives, no additives and no artificial coloring, only the natural sweetness and nutritional value of the finest 100% Durum wheat is used to make Fresina Pasta a benchmark for over three generations.  Since 1926, our limited production, traditional hand-made pasta has been acclaimed for its delicate texture and legendary flavor. 

Using the “Delicate” method of manufacturing developed centuries ago in Palermo, Sicily (long kneading and pressing, slow drawing and drying at a low temperature), every strand represents a unique combination of skill, art, tradition and pride.  Fresina Pasta is still made in small quantities, air-dried in wooden cellars, stripped one stick or screen at a time and hand packed to ensure the freshest, best tasting pasta you will ever buy. 

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